Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kristin Reiter

1} Where does your style come from?
I would say my style is always evolving... That's what's great about fashion, there is no permanence and no commitment. I'm constantly on an expedition.

2} What, if anything, influences the way you dress?
Music, places I travel, friends and people I would like to meet like Patti Smith, Courtney Love, John Frusciante, Bridget Bardot, Alexa Chung... and of course other designers I'm inspired by like Henry Duarte, Grant Krajecki and Ozzie Clark.

3} You work as design director at RVCA. What does the position entail?
My overall mandate is to maintain the vision and heritage of the RVCA brand. Building on PM Tenore's (RVCA's founder) vision is the foundation for the design department. This job involves management of the design department, oversight of product quality, team building and setting the work ethic and energy level for the department.

4} Your blog BleachBlack which you share with Valerie Killeen is described as a conversational fashion diary, which I dig. What do you hope to achive with it?
Our world as designers can be insular. We are judged by our sell-through, whether the company makes money or not. Val and I wanted a forum for a fashion give and take. We show & tell items or interests that we're stoked on and hope that we hear back from our readers. It's the give and take with our readers that we find most inspirational.

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