Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kassia Meador

Life’s is good when you are Kassia Meador. The California native Roxy model and world class longboarder has spent the last ten years globetrotting with her 9+ foot boards from Morocco to Bali to Fiji.

What have you been up to lately?
I went to Morocco at the beginning of the year for a Roxy photo shoot. We surfed a bunch of places, but it was big and solid, so that made it a little bit hard to score the pics we wanted. It was kind of one of those crazy trips because all of us broke our boards. It was the biggest I have ever had on a trip. It’s a cool place though and I want to go back. We rode camels and did the full Morocco thing. There were a lot of tourists. Morocco is like Mexico for Europe.

Favorite size of wave and why?
I love when its 3-5 foot glassy and peeling. I just think those are the most fun waves for any type of board and you have the opportunity to get weird...and I love getting weird.

Any longboarding comps coming up?
I always do the world championships and currently I am fifth in the world. The next one is in July in Biarritz, France.

How has this year been for surf?
Pretty fun. We just had a swell the last couple of days. I am pretty excited for surfing. It’s nice to be in California. This year I wanted to stay home and take care of stuff here.

Coolest place you’ve ever surfed?
Probably Morocco. It was so different. We surfed this place called Anchor Point. There are all of these ruins on the beach. It was an old mosque. It’s a crazy structure on the beach. You look in from the water and that’s what you see. We were staying a ten-minute walk away.

Sexiest tropical place to surf?
I think probably indonesia. Empty palm tree lines beaches and amazing waves.

Do you ever wish you were a shortborder?
Yeah, when I am traveling. It would be a lot easier without a longboard. They can be awkward.

Interview courtesy of Fuel TV


Revolution Vintage said...

She is way to adorable!

chris Brown said...

Tell me about it. Cool gal too.