Monday, January 18, 2010

One Trip Pass

One Trip Pass is an ongoing project that includes pop-up shops, design collaborations and a blog. The name comes from a trek across the desert in the winter of 2009 when an economic crisis and a season of political change made old structures collapse and new ideas come to mind. That one trip was a rediscovery of American craft and standards, and humor and kitsch--all seen in flea markets and second-hand shops and even gas stations--wherever folks were putting pices of Made-in-USA menswear back in circulation.

The founders are Jay Carroll, formerly of Rogues Gallery, a Maine-based menswear line, and Ned Martel, once the second-in-command at Men's Vogue who now runs the Washington Post Style section. With stock they amassed, the ideas they dug up and the people they met along the way, Carroll now keeps the vibe alive--with daily posts and his first collaboration with Levi's, Stars and Stripes, now in their San Francisco flagship store.