Friday, April 16, 2010

Amanda Urrego

Necklaces made out of found objects is a tricky one for me. Too many people doing it very badly. But jewelry designer Amanda Urrego finally got it right. Her pieces are well edited and resonate her roots - shiny and glamorous because born and bred and still part time in los angeles. and then old and rustic and worn in because living in and loving nashville. Amanda created MANY WILL SEE in 2008, primarily making pieces for friends in the music industry. Just to mention a few that own her masterpieces, Taylor Swift, Angie Harmon, Julianne Hough and Holly Williams. Available at Imogene + Willie.

Photos by Thomas Petillo


knk said...

looks great i love chains on your neck very lovely pendents looks great


great post and what a great designer

goraya said...

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